Fire Isolator Dipping Container för elbilsbränder

Fire Isolator Dipping Container för elbilsbränder
Our Fire Isolator Electrical Vehicle Dipping Container was designed to isolating and cool a burning EV car in case of a car fire.
The burning vehicle can be lifted into the container by a forklift.
The container has watertight and pressure-resistant doors at the back and can be moved by a truck to any location.
The container must be filled with water before the EV car arrives so that the vehicle can be submerged into the water, only then will the lithium fire be extinguished and the batteries cooled.
Once the vehicle is in the container, leave it there for a week before it can be emptied and the vehicle removed.

– Safety Yellow
– L 650 x W 250 x H 130
– Separate filling and draining plug
– Deck cover sail

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